Acer ET322QK monitor! 4K HDR monitor for the game console!

As a player, in addition to the game console, the monitor is also an important device. If the platform used by the players is PC or PS4, the monitor (or TV) is absolutely indispensable. Do players prefer to buy a monitor or a TV?  Today let me introduce players to the Acer ET2 series monitor – ET322QK, this monitor used in the PS4 can be described as a perfect match!


First open the box, other than the monitor, it also comes with a kit of instructions, warranty card, HDMI cable, DP cable, power cord and base bracket, and the jack supported by the monitor body has 2x HDMI, 1x DP 1, 1 x 3.5mm audio hole and a power hole, players can use two HDMI cables and one DP cable to connect three devices,player can  switch between 3 screens at any time.

The ET322QK has a 31.5-inch body and a narrow bezel design that allows the screen to be more visible and the tilt can be adjusted from 4° to 12°. The front of the display has a black border, while the back is a white, slightly contrasting beauty. The buttons on the display are equipped with 4 buttons and a “joy-stick” .Besides that, it also equipped with built-in speakers, allowing players to use them directly without the need for an external audio device.

Product specifications

Screen Type :TFT Color LCD

Screen size :80 cm (31.5′′)

Screen ratio :16:9

Horizontal frequency 30-160kHz

Vertical frequency :40-75Hz

Resolution :4K UHD 3840 x 2160

Standard refresh rate :60Hz

Response time :4ms

Brightness :300 cd/m2

Support color :1.07Billion

Built-in speaker :2x

Speaker output power :2W

HDMI :2x

DP   :1x

Input voltage :120 V AC-230 V AC

Weight :6.68 kg


Product performance

The ET322QK has a resolution of 4K 3840×2160 and supports HDR. It is enough to category as the top monitor with these two functions! The screen refresh rate is 60Hz. Although it can’t match the 144Hz refresh rate of E-sports, but normally it will not use the 144Hz refresh rate except for the esports game. The PS4 Pro can’t make the game frame number exceed 60FPS, so the 60Hz refresh rate is enough to satisfy all players except e-sports players.

The ET322QK monitor has a dynamic contrast ratio that up to 100,000,000:1 Max, a brightness of 300 cd/m2 and a response time of 5ms. The experience provided by the combination with the equipment mentioned above is top-notch! The display’s effects are equipped with 7 display modes and customization. In the custom mode, players can adjust various parameters to adjust the display of the monitor to the most suitable status. In addition, ET322QK monitor also supports Free Sync, this is the display synchronization technology developed by AMD, which is very suitable for the use of PS4, can be said it born to be a monitor for PS4 players!


Overall, I believes that ET322QK monitor can be said is a monitor that designed for game consoles, from the highest 4k resolution, to HDR support, to the right refresh rate, and AMD‘s Free-Sync technology for PS4 players. We can’t fit it anymore! Of course, the use of ET322QK monitor  on the PC also no problem, unless the players are playing FPS games such as “Overwatch”, the pursuit of 144Hz refresh rate, if not, ET322QK can meet all aspects of the players.

The price of ET322QK monitor is also quite acceptable for the people, with a high configuration of 4K, HDR, and a luxury of 32 inches, only RM1,499! Whether the players are playing any game on the computer or on the other game console, the ET322QK can satisfy you! Players interested in this monitor can go to the Official Lazada store to purchase and evolve your gaming experience.