High performance gaming phone HONOR View20 is only RM1,999! It’s also easy to play somatosensory games

Now,  mobile phone users are pursuing a cheap and high-performance mobile phone! HONOR’s new product HONOR View20 has two selling points: high cost performance and high performance. If you ask, is HONOR View20 a mobile phone worthy of playing games? Answer is worth it! Now I show you why this HONOR View20 will be a mobile phone suitable for playing games!


First of all, HONOR View20 mobile phone has a strong performance! The HONOR View20 has the top-of-the-line Kirin 980 eight-core AI processor, which is 75% faster than the Kirin 970 and 46% faster than the GPU; the RAM and ROM are configured for 6GB+128GB. If players still don’t feel enough, HONOR View20 also supports GPU Turbo 2.0 technology. With GPU Turbo 2.0, players can experience a stable, non-cart and high frame rate gaming experience while playing a large mobile game!

There is no problem in running the “Fortnite” mobile game with 60FPS! In addition, when playing “PUBG Mobile”, you can open the highest quality and experience the ultimate game. This kind of experience is really let me forget about what is lag? What is a dropped frame? The game experience of HONOR View20 will make you forget these troubles.

In addition, HONOR View20‘s mobile phone is equipped with Sony IMX568 sensor, combine with the powerful performance mentioned at above, players can have the ultimate experience in AR games, with the support of Kirin 980, players are playing AR Games such as Pokemon Go and Ghostbusters World don’t feel any lag and players can also capture Pokemon or ghosts in the dark or in a darker environment.


Other than the traditional gameplay and AR gameplay, HONOR View20 also offers a somatosensory experience! The HONOR View20 is equipped with a TOF lens. The purpose of this lens is to identify the player’s movements or dance steps, and then feedback the players’ physical movements to play the game! Because the mobile phone captures the sense of body is very accurate, so when playing the “Fancy Skiing” and “Fancy Darts” somatosensory games, the experience of skiing and throwing darts is quite real.

Overall, HONOR View20 is a very cost-effective gaming phone, not only powerful performance that can play all kinds of games, the most attractive is that HONOR View20 can experience a somatosensory game experience similar to Kinnect . HONOR View20 is really worth RM1,999 in terms of its high configuration and high value. It is very recommended for players to purchase this mobile phone! If the players are interested in buying HONOR View20, you can visit HONOR official website to buy it!