High value and powerful! Honor 10 Lite also can lets you play the hottest mobile game!

Most of the times, players who looking for a good, high-quality mobile game exprience often need to spend about RM2,000 to buy a mobile phone. In fact, you only need a budget of RM800 then you can buy a mobile phone that can play the mainstream mobile game, Lets introduce Honor 10 Lite to you!


The screen design of HONOR 10 Lite helpful to the players to improve the experience of some game play! The screen of the HONOR 10 Lite is designed to be 6.21 inches of water droplet type, with a ratio of 19.5:9 and a screen ratio of 90%. Therefore, when players play “PUBG Mobile” and “Glory of the King“, the horizon will be broader and the things that can be seen become more. In addition, HONOR 10 Lite is also very lightweight, so that players can carry it freely.

In addition, the HONOR 10 Lite‘s exterior design is also very cool, because the HONOR 10 Lite‘s back is a glare gradient design, you can clearly see the color from light to dark levels, light and shadow. Although the gradual design has been adopted by many models, HONOR can be said to be the master of this design. The Honor 10 Lite color scheme is more smooth and coordinated than many gradient mobile phones, and it is definitely a small fresh representative. This design of the real mobile phone is better than the picture, so you must get started with the real mobile phone.

In the phone configuration, the HONOR 10 Lite is equipped with an exclusive Kirin 710 eight-core processor, 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of ROM. Although the configuration is more general, HONOR 10 Lite is equipped with GPU Turbo 2.0 technology, so that HONOR 10 Lite can also play mainstream games! Because GPU Turbo 2.0 technology will bring players a stable and high frame rate gaming experience, the picture is smooth and not jittery, not smear and not stuck when running large games. So HONOR 10 Lite with GPU Turbo 2.0 will definitely let you play the recent mobile game!

I believe that many players will doubt that in the end, a mobile phone with less than RM1,000 can really run into the popular mobile games  as just now I said?  Although HONOR 10 Lite cannot open the game’s picture to the highest level like the flagship phone. After testing,  I can play general picture quality of “PUBG Mobile“, “MU Origin 2” and “King of Glory” smoothly.

Overall, the HONOR 10 Lite is an affordable mobile phone. If you are a student or have limited budget. the HONOR 10 Lite phone will be one of your choices. It allows you to play the game you want to play, and the HONOR 10 Lite‘s exterior design is also keeping up with the mainstream. Currently, the HONOR 10 Lite has a minimum price of RM749, while the Sapphire Blue and Shine Red versions are priced at RM799! If the players are interested, visit the official website to see the details.