Samsung had just dropped off it unpacked event in San Francisco. This was considered as the ten year anniversary of the Samsung Galaxy S Phones and Samsung also took the opportunities to finally unveil the foldable Samsung phone that is called as the Galaxy Fold. We did know a little bit about this phone ahead as Samsung provide some teaser as the developer conference last November but we only got a brief glimpse on the stage.

Now, we know everything about the Samsung Fold.

Design: close like a book and it opened into a tablet, doesn’t close flat and that’s something that we can kind of expect form these early design

Screen size4.6 inch screen on the outside and a 7.3 inch display on the inside but that’s not what’s special about it.

Material of screen: its polymer that was not glass, its plastic. We know glass makers like coming were working on bendable glass but we’re not goanna get that yet.

The interesting thing here was the interplay between the screen on the outside and the inside. Samsung had been working with Google to make this seamless that they call app continuity. That means that you looking at an app on the smaller screen and you open up that phone, you going to see that populate on the inside. Another thing that interesting about the screen when it fully open, you will be able to have 3 active windows open at once. This was multi-tasking to the extreme that you can’t find on today Galaxy. But it does depends on what the developer choose.

Furthermore, about the hinch it was interlocking mechanism so you can’t actually see the hinch it was inside.

Battery design: it was really interesting because battery don’t bend and fold so Samsung did was basically to divided it in to half like lobes of your brains. In total you got 4,380 mAh of battery. Of course we haven’t tested it yet so we don’t have any claim that it could be used for full day and its all depends on how you use the device.

The Galaxy Fold runs on Android 9 pie that’s the latest version of Android and it has the Samsung one Ul on top. Its also launching with the Galaxy S10 phone line up and Samsung was really investing in high-capacity storage. The Galaxy Fold comes with 512 GB on board storage and 12GB RAM to support it with no micro SD card slot.

Galaxy Fold comes with four colours which was Space silver, Cosmos Black, Martian Green and Astro Blue.

The price: it was set on luxury price with almost $2000 that will be release on 26 of April 2019.