They deserve the name “Legend”!


Apex Legends start real fast and grow rapidly. The very first week after launch, they reached 25 million players. Then now Raspawn Entertainment announced that it has gained 50 million players within one month!



They even made a statistics, saying that:

In less than a month, the 50 million players have used 158 million finishers, activated 170 million respawns, and used 1.3 billion ultimate abilities and even placed 31 billion pings.


Apex Legends’ growth after launched:

8 hours – 1 million players
1 day – 2.5 million players
3 days – 10 million players
1 week – 25 million players
4 weeks – 50 million players


Let’s take a moment to watch the video below and see what Respawn Entertainment has responded.



At the same time, Raspawn Entertainment also posted the same video on to their official social media pages, which are Facebook and Twitter respectively. In less than 1 day, they had made the post go viral: the discussion and engagement is good.




So, what other than Apex Legends that is able to grow at this massive rate? It’s not a game, but almost close to a virus!