Competition Rules

(Note: the contents of the rules may be changed or amended due to game version update)

  1. The rules of the game
  • Match mode: Tournament Draft
  • Match map: Summoner’s rift
  • Game account:

a) All participants will use their personal account

b) At least 20 champions are required, with an account of level 30. There are no restrictions to the champions and runes selected.

c) If the account or personal information does not match the identity of the participants on the day of the competition, the participant will be disqualified and lose the eligibility to win any prizes. The team will also be disqualified if there are less than 5 players.



  • Number of teams members:

a) Each team must have at least five players, up to one substitute player.

b) If the player decides to withdraw or has been disqualified due to the violation, the team is not allowed to change their team players. If there are any major accidents and other special circumstances occurred during the competition, it is up to the organizer’s decision to approve on a case by case basis.



  • Criteria to win the match:

a) Destroy opponent team’s Nexus or force the opponent team to surrender to win the game.

b) Both teams are required to check / set up all their equipment 10 minutes before the start of the competition, if the team is late for 10 minutes, the organizer will have the right to disqualify the team.



  • Disconnection during the game:

a) For any deliberate disconnection, the situation will be determined by the referee’s judgment. If the player’s action has led to a game disconnection, the referee will determine whether to continue the game or to let the opponent team wins.

b) If there is no first occurrence (first blood or first tower destroyed) during the first 3 minutes of the game and one of the players encountered game disconnection issue, the organizer or the referee has the right to decide whether to resume the game or rematch.

c) If the disconnection occurs after 3 minutes of the game, the game will resume as usual. The disconnected player will have to regain connection and get back into the game as soon as possible.

d) If the player left the game deliberately, the game will resume as usual.



  • Unfair game behavior:

a) Using any program, software, web pages, or any plugins (such as open maps) that are not related to the game, or using game setting or bug that violated the rules of the game.

b) No unnecessary chats are allowed during the game, such as sending provocative messages or any violation of the spirit of esports, allowing the opponent to win the game deliberately etc. It is up to the organizer or referee to identify and determine any improper message sent during the game play.

c) If any player is found to be violating any rules or playing unfairly, the player will be given a warning or penalty depending on the organizer. In serious circumstances, the player will be disqualified from this competition.


  • The participants are not allowed to do any live streaming during the competition


  • For the best interest of both playing teams, no other people except the official personnel, staff and the referee, are allowed to enter the competition room to spectate the game match.


  • During the competition, if the player decides to withdraw or has been disqualified from the game resulting the team to have less than 5 players, the team will then be disqualified. The team is not allowed to request to change or add in team member.


  • All participants are allowed to use their own mouse or keyboard, or use those provided by the official or on-site units, no replacement of equipment is allowed during the game.


  • For any major game issues occurred during the game, such as major bug, game room crashes, server issues and any other issues that caused the game to crash and unable to continue, both teams can restart the game, using the same red and blue sides, champions, runes and mastery.


  • If there is any doubts during the game, please reflect it to the referee immediately, else it will not be entertained after the end of the match.